Fiete TV Series

Animation / LLS

Fiete is a beloved children’s App character and with over 2 Mio. downloads extremely popular all over the world. Fiete Sports was voted as one of the best Apps of 2016 by Apple and additionally Fiete conquered the world of children’s books.

Together with Ahoiii, we were granted a TV series development funding and we’re busy developing an animated pre-school TV show.

Fiete, Hein and Hinnerk, three aspiring sailors, live in a small village on a tiny island. In each episode they take on an adventure, sail the big sees of the world and experience all kinds of interesting characters, mysterious creatures and exciting adventures.


What we did:

  • Story Development
  • Storyreel
  • Official Production Studio
Based on the app characters created by Ahoiii
Executive Producers: Toni Weiss & Michael Sokolar
Associate Producers: Wolfgang Schmitz & Jan Kloevekorn
Story: Toni Weiss & Michael Sokolar
Script: Daniela Ellmauer