Dishwasher Diaries

The campaign, the series and how it was made

Campaign Background

Dishwasher Diaries is a series of instructional videos for YouTube that turns a popular, but sometimes pedestrian social media format into an entertainment experience:

an animated sitcom about a smart and sassy woman living with a needy dishwasher how will do anything to get her attention.

Working directly with our client Henkel, we developed the narrative strategy, created the storytelling, the world and the characters – all in accordance with SOMAT’S core brand narrative. The process became immensely gratifying during the production process of a hefty series of animated episodes: as the studio for the project, we executed the scripts, storyboarding, animatics / story reel and directed the character animation, from the voice recordings to the final touches. Our animation partner Eat MyDear handled character animation production, pipeline and motion graphics and helped us deliver a truly original project.

In a unique collaboration, our client gave as huge creative freedom – which is especially amazing considering that the series will launch internationally in over 20 different markets, to achieve specific strategic goals by entertaining a digital native audience.

We published an ongoing case study series of how this campaign came to be, you can read it here.

Making Of

The production of this season was quite an undertaking and it’s really nice to see the efforts of so many people become something very special. We filmed here and there during the production and did a small interview about the process and how we work at Little Lights – here you can watch a temporary edit of the making of:

The Final Episodes

We are currently in production for a full first season of 10 episodes. The first two pilots at first launched in the test market Italy and gathered over a Million views in less than a month. They are now available in 17 different languages – you can watch the english versions here: 


What we did:

  • Narrative Strategy, Brand Story Development
  • Production Handling & Budget Responsibility
  • Storylining & Scripts, Storyboards & Animatics / Story Reel
  • Directing Character Animation
  • Coordination with Animation Studio

Writers & Directors: Toni Weiss & Michael Sokolar

Character Design: Johannes Mücke

Story Artist: Tim Maresch

Animation Studio: Eat My Dear

Sound Production: Blautöne
Sound Production Supervisor: Ines Schiemann
Sound Designer: Simon Proksch

Music Supervisor: Pascal Lonsdorfer, Universal Music