Stories, News and Other Little Lights

Dishwasher Diaries

It’s been quiet around here and we can finally talk about the reason that kept us very busy: our first animated series for YouTube – Dishwasher Diaries.

The very basic idea was to create instructional videos for YouTube and since most of the instructionals are, how to say this nicely, are neither entertaining nor a product of inspired creativity, we immediately knew that we want to create something special.

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Story of the Month: November

We thought it would be a funny idea to challenge us every month with superb illustrations for our “Little Lights Story of the Month” – if you would like to join in drop us a line, you’re very welcome to contribute stories as well.

This month’s image comes from the amazingly talented Ty Carter, Visual Development Artist at Blue Sky Animation Studios. His outstanding design work and concept art work has contributed to the look, feel and lighting concepts of animation blockbusters like EPIC, ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT and the upcoming PEANUTS movie. Tyler also directed the awesome animated short DREAMGIVER, a Little Lights favourite. Thanks so much for contributing your cherished piece. Find more of Ty Carter on or Ty Carters Tumblr.

And here our two stories:

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We’ve built ourselves a home

It’s too early for a “let’s review this year” post and too late for the “We founded Little Lights” notice – still it’s the right time to talk about what we’ve done.

Toni and Michael entertained the thought of founding a company since mid 2013 – it was still vague then what exactly we wanted to do, the only thing we’ve known for sure was that we wanted to tell stories. Not that we didn’t tell stories before, but under the surface we knew that we wanted to focus even more.

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Digital Characters – Real Storytelling

We are working on a spectacular new campaign featuring faces as landscapes. The only way to do it: create 3D scans of those faces – in a rig that would make the makers of “Minority Report” proud.

We have just seen the first tests by our friends at Eat My Dear – and we’re stunned ! Looking forward to the launch of our latest work.