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    We tell your stories in every imaginable medium – word by word, shot by shot, click by click. There is nothing more powerful than a story, well-told.

    Every Story is a Little Light in the Dark.

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No matter if you want to spread a message, explain facts or reach an audience – nothing is more powerful than a well-told story. We focus on the narrative core and help you tell the best stories possible.

Branded Storytelling

Modern audiences want brands they can trust. We craft your stories to establish this trust and dramatize a brand’s core values – in the most emotional way, the best possible medium, for a lasting impact.

Live Action

Videos are essential in modern communication, from authentic interviews to exciting brand documentaries or highly engaging narrative films. The story is what makes them stand apart.


Animated content works across different cultures, languages & markets and is a perfect tool to explain complex topics, encapsulate the emotional core or bring unique characters & worlds to life.


Apps, mobile games or interactive experiences all benefit from solid storytelling that will touch an audience deeply. Each new platform has it’s own rules, and we evolve with them: stories are universal.

Story Development & Consulting

At the beginning of each movie, TV show or commercial campaign, there’s a story. We help to develop the core ideas into compelling stories and are happy to consult in every narrative matter.

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Entertainment products for Family Audiences

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Branded content & communication



Strategists. Creative Problem Solvers. Imagineers. Directors. Screenwriters. Code Wizards. Comic Artists.

Little Lights is a perpetual idea machine, a story engine, to engage broader audiences in better ways in every imaginable medium for the entertainment business and for brands.

Michael Sokolar

CEO, Creative Producer & Senior Storyteller

Soft-spoken and focused, Michael has left software engineering behind to launch a successful directing career in short films, children’s tv series, branded storytelling & commercials.
An accomplished writer and director, he’s a strategic creative with a provoking sense of humor.

His secret passion is bed-time-storytelling, brewing all kinds of coffee and gaming since day one.

Daniela Hanzl

Digital Producer & Marketing Manager

Coming from the depth of film production, Daniela finally found her place at Little Lights Studio. She coordinates all incoming and outgoings productional procedures and is always on the hunt for upcoming deadlines.

She’s also very passionate for sports and bakery – luckily she’s the mastermind behind scheduling time for coffee & cake.

Viktoria Windhab

Junior Storyteller & Director

Vicky is part of Little Lights (almost) from day one and she supports the studio with her calm and charming style in every way possible.
Crafting engaging stories both for brands and audiences alike is a great passion of Viktoria. Directing them is the other one.

Viktoria spends her after hours writing and directing even more, leaving almost no time for bouldering or horseback-riding.

Andreas Lobner

Post-Production & Junior Storyteller

Being the new one in town, Andreas just joined the creative team with great enthusiasm, focusing on postproduction and conceptional work. His multimedia-background and experience in the broad field of storytelling help him navigate through the creative tasks at Little-Lights-Studio. When he is not at the office, he fights the dragon of boredom conducting his second profession as mental-coach, writing on screenplays and novels.

Ready to rewrite your story?

Besides our obvious love for stories we’re also pretty nice guys. If we can help you tell your story or if you just want to drop by for a cup of coffee – drop us a line.

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